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our Vision & Mission 

Welcome, I’m Hayley Atwood, owner of Skin Goals    Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, and SGL Skincare.

I was born and raised here in Chesapeake and wanted to bring my expertise to serve my local community, a community that needed Skin Goals! 

I have been an Esthetician since 2013 and worked primarily in the medical field with nurse injectors, doctors, plastic surgeons, and laser centers until 2018 when I decided to branch off on my own. 

I created SGL LLC. in my garage! My vision for Skin Goals was a one-stop shop for all things beauty, self-care, skincare, and age rejuvenation. I wanted to create a space to relax and hang out which delivered results using corrective and effective skincare treatments. 

We love serving Hampton Roads and strive to be the best in town. We are a medical-grade skin clinic with lots of love, some spice, and endless success stories you can count on our licensed team of professionals to get you the Skin Goals you’ve always wanted.  

Our mission statement is:

“Your regimen becomes a routine which becomes your lifestyle”.
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