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We offer a dental-grade teeth whitening treatment that is food grade, vegan, and works great on even the most sensitive of teeth. We use the Davinci Teeth Whitening system and have their post-care for home use as well. The brightening pen is great post-treatment to extend the life of your whitening. It helps prevent staining from coffee or wine and freshens your breath.
The teeth whitening treatment itself can be done all in one day. It’s an hour and 15 min appt that includes 3x20 min sessions back-to-back under the blue Led light. It’s recommended that you don’t brush aggressively before and after your appointment to avoid irritation or micro-tears to the gums. Brush 4 hours prior to appointment. You will want to drink lots of water pre and post-treatment to stay hydrated and coat your gums. Avoid dark foods after treatment for up to 48 hours. Ex: spaghetti, red wine, coffee, buffalo wings, etc
It is a form of bleaching so some may experience a 12-hour window of mild sensitivity, but it goes away almost the same day. We lift clients anywhere from 4-12 shades lighter and brighter!!
This treatment also works on previous dental work. If you have crowns, bondings, or caps it will lift back to the shade it originally was. If you have calcium deposits, they may appear brighter the first week but then they fade, and it looks all one white shade.
Q: How often do I need to get this done?
A: This treatment lasts from 6 months to a year!
Q: Is this like dentist whitening?
A: Yes, without the harsh ingredients, sensitivity, and high price tag. Most dentists charge over $600 for a professional cleaning out of pocket.
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