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Welcome to the LED Lounge!
Come in anytime to take advantage of light therapy.

Light therapy is super therapeutic and healing for our skin tissue and helps kill oil, acne bacteria, calms redness or inflammation, boosts collagen, and stimulates cell turnover which naturally rejuvenates the skin. We combine LED in the treatment room to amp treatment results and we love it! Not only is it relaxing, but it's effective and that is what we are all about. It's perfect for lunchtime unwinds or after-work retreats.

What to do on arrival of your treatment:
  1. Go to the wash sink at the Pergola nook.
  2. Pick a cleanser and wash all traces of makeup, oil, and dirt off.
  3. Remove with a warm bamboo steam towel
  4. Tone or mist the skin
  5. Apply a serum for LED lights to push deeper into the skin
NB: You can also lay under the lights with no active ingredients as the benefits of light therapy can support a multitude of issues:
  • Blue light is best for acne and oil
  • Red light is great for antiaging.
  • Yellow is good for healing, inflammation and pigment
Relax under the light for 30 mins. Seal with a moisturizer, SPF.
** recommendation - bring your earbuds!
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