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Waxing is done by one of our Licensed Estheticians who are trained and certified in using both soft and hard wax. We can remove stubborn and unwanted hair safely and effectively.
Waxing is much more affordable per visit than laser hair removal but long term I would just bite the bullet and get what I wanted to be removed, removed! The most Common areas we wax are the eyebrows, lip, underarm, bikini, and Brazilian.
Hard wax is a strip-less wax and is usually less invasive to the skin. Waxing changes the hair growth of the hair making it grow back smoother and finer. It’s not recommended to shave in between 4-week sessions because that will change your hair growth and put you back at square 1!
We also carry a few products that are great for in-between wax sessions to keep you exfoliated, smooth, and bump-free. Check out our “bye-bye bumps” serum. It’s great for men’s beards and faces too from shaving.
Q: What is the difference between a bikini wax and Brazilian wax?
A: A bikini wax is the removal of anything that is seen outside of your undies. We can wax the top and clean underneath the cheek but anything more would be a Brazilian! That includes full front and back removal if wanted.
Q: What kind of wax do you use?
A: We have several kinds of wax to best accommodate both coarse, strong hairs and light, fine, sensitive skin. All are professional grade and include, Starpil, Mermaid Wax, and our Favorite Coconut wax for brows and face waxing.
Q: If I am using a Tretinoin cream, Vit A, or prescriptive topical can I still be waxed?
A: NO! this is a big no for us. Even if a client has been using a topical for years and skin is adjusted, will have them sign a waiver. Wax can burn the skin with a tret cream on it and lift the skin- we don’t want that to happen.
*Post waxing don’t sweat, work out, get in hot tubs, saunas, or pools, don’t exfoliate over the area, and keep the area hydrated for 48 hours.


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