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Serious about Serums

Serums, serums, serums OH MY! So many different options and so many different ingredients to look for when picking the best serums for your skin type and concerns.


Serum is a product that is applied after cleansing and before moisturizer. DOES a serum moisturize? Yes and no, SERUMS can hold very hydrating ingredients to help WITH moisture retention but will not provide the barrier protection of a moisturizer, so they need to be sealed. FOR BEST RESULTS, some serums only need to be used 1x a day and others 2x. Active serums SHOULD BE USED for night TIME, and always rinse YOUR SKIN in the morning to lessen irritation and sensitivity throughout the day. Serums are also pricier because of their concentration and potency. You get what you PAY FOR in this category! Invest in your serums they are doing the most work FOR YOU in your routines.

what does it do?

Serums SHOULD BE LEFT ON THE SKIN TO DO THEIR WORK, RATHER THAN WASHED OFF LIKE A CLEANSER. They are a lighter weight molecule topical delivering a higher potency of active ingredients. They have the ability to address deeper skin concerns in the skin. Known for their effectiveness, face serums are often used to manage specific skin care concerns, such as wrinkles. serums will also typically be thinner than a moisturizer, which makes them perfect for layering and they come in a variety of different formulas, including gels, oils, and light creams AS WELL AS water-like consistencies.

Serums are great when layered and you have free range to layer most of your products if they are being applied correctly and given ample time to absorb into the skin properly. Some serums are best left alone to avoid “pilling”. It's when you layer products together and they don’t absorb into the skin before applying the next layer, so it just piles up on the skin and beads. Always layer your product thinnest to thickest viscosity. Think your watery/fluid serums first then gels like hyaluronic and then creams like peptides etc.

It really all depends on the serums you have for your AM routine vs your PM routine. You should try to make it an “at home routine goal” to have different products for day and night to feed your skin everything it needs to thrive!


During the day you want to have lighter consistency to protect and shield the skin where at night you are correcting and healing. Different products and ingredients will do different things.

Will you still get results if you use the same products/serums both morning and night?

Absolutely-after all our skin loves consistency. But it also likes to be tricked and fed different topicals based off what it needs. Start slow and as you get more EXPERIENCE AND RESULTS

with your steps you can add more goodies in. &&& we will help with all that!

what are serums best for?

You should be using a serum both morning and night to help combat certain concerns in the skin. They work great for correcting pigmentation, manage acne prone skin, exfoliate, hydrate, fight against free radicals, plump and reduce wrinkles and even out dull skin tone. Some are formulated with exfoliating agents like glycolic, lactic, salicylic acid and more.


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