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Thinning hair anyone? What about your husband's receding hairline? Postpartum? Menopausal? So many different factors of life can tie into hair loss. Sometimes it's genetics and other times it's everything we will discuss in this blog BUT the facts are we all know how hard and long it takes to grow hair. It takes months. So, have patience and trust the process! Now lets talk science.

A little background on me and why I decided to try it in the first place was because I was having a scary amount of hair fall out and I felt my hair thinning. I stay stressed and I can be pretty anxious at times and that’s a huge factor in hair loss. I had breakage root to end and I was looking for something that was going to help not only the physical appearance but the integrity and health of hair. I've used them over the 90 day supply and I don’t see myself stopping any time soon!

At first-it took me some dose adjustments while my body was getting used to all the new vitamins. Which by the way the system can replace any and all multivitamins, prebiotics, and probiotics that you currently take. Unless prescribed from your doctor of course. I experienced minor tummy cramps for a week maybe if that and my skin purged a little so I backed from the suggested 4 pills a day to 2 a day for 2 weeks and then upped it back to 3 then 4 and I'm fine now! I take 4 every day along with the stress adaptogen and booster.

Everyone will be different and there is a kit for everyone! Men, Women, Postpartum, Stressed & Menopausal


New research shows that several underlying factors that affect overall health can profoundly impact your hair and everyone’s combination of causes is different. Nutrafol targets key factors that can shorten the growth phase, delay new growth, and cause new hair to grow thinner.

1. Hormones- DHT sensitivity can be caused by genetics, stress, meds, poor diet, and toxins.

2. Stress- Short-term or chronic, physical or emotional stress like surgery or a demanding job.

3. Environment- Refers to your surroundings, the products you use, and the foods that you eat.

4. Metabolism- Influenced by inflammation, high glycemic diet, and thyroid issues.

5. Nutrition- Nutrient deficiencies result from poor diet or a compromised gut microbiome.

Identifying some of your triggers will help us decide which kit and supplements will be best for you!

Men have 40% more androgen receptors than women do, which is why male and female hair thinning patterns tend to be different.

-75% of Americans report increased feelings of stress when experiencing hair loss

-93% of Americans have traces of BPA(plastics) in their bodies. These expose you to heavy metals like mercury, pollution, cosmetic and household chemicals, plastics, UV rays, and extreme temperatures that can increase oxidative stress (an excess of free radicals in the body) and throw off the antioxidant balance.

If the body is unable to clear toxins quickly, antioxidants stores are depleted allowing oxidative stress to damage the hair follicle and disrupt normal hair follicle cycling. This can cause weak and thin hair.

Physical damage from over-styling is also counted in your hair’s environment.

-Over 100 million Americans are living with blood sugar issues (Metabolism)

-85% of adults show poor absorption of nutrients. Nutrient deficiencies can

result from an inadequate diet.

But even if you’re eating the right foods, factors like stress or poor absorption from a compromised microbiome can divert essential nutrients away from your follicles to more vital organs leaving less nourishment for growth. Poor microbiome health can result from the recent use of antibiotics, aging, a diet low in whole foods or high in processed foods, or lack of exercise.

Nutrafol not only helps hair health but you’ll see benefits in overall mood, energy, stress, sleep, libido and skin/nails.


Marine Collagen- collagen is such a key building block to strong hair and SKIN! It provided proteins and amino acids to make keratin. It provides scalp elasticity and moisture and improves skin and nails. Sustainably sourced from wild-caught codfish in the cleanest waters of the North Atlantic ocean. Marine Collagen from codfish scales is clean, toxin-free, and reduces food waste.

Sensoril Ashwagandha- reduces feelings of stress. Which I think we all need 😉 Help balance stress hormones to support a healthy hair growth cycle. Sensoril is the highest quality ingredient for hair supplements and Nurtafol is the only one that features it. Pretty cool! Sustainably wild-harvested in India, then optimized for superior absorption using clean extraction methods.

Saw Palmetto- Responsibly grown in the USA. Extracted without harmful chemicals and concentrated to a high percentage of plant actives to achieve medical-grade potency. Helps reduce DHT, a hormone that shrinks hair follicles and leads to progressive hair thinning.

Curcumin- a potent antioxidant that counters the inflammatory response triggered by aging, stress, hormones, and the environment which can damage the hair follicle and lower cellular metabolism needed to grow hair. Nutrafol’s Curcumin is the most researched bioavailable Curcumin in the world. Sourced with traceability from India. Extracted using patented biotechnology, concentrated to the highest percent of plant actives available, and bio-optimized for superior absorption.

Vit E for growth and density, Horsetail Complex for strength providing silica an essential mineral, Kelp which supports thyroid hormones and Resveratrol to improve blood flow which helps nutrients travel all the way to the hair follicle.


Women's Balance kit -

is the supplement kit for Menopause: Ft all the amazing ingredients as the everyday men and women with the additional ingredients

Maca supports hormone health and targets DHT-which is the hormone that causes thinning hair. This also supports your libido and can help reduce hot flashes and night sweats. Also known to support estrogen and progesterone signals in menopause.

Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant found in algae, it is 600x more potent than antioxidants like Vit C

Post Partum kit -

holds special ingredients .. after all, our bodies did just go through something unexplainable so sometimes it needs a full reboot to get back to “normal”

Shatavari, Collagen OSA, Apple, DHA Omega 3s, Theanine, Vit E, Nettle

Pregnancy and postpartum can intensely drain nutrients from women's bodies. Nettle helps restore nutrients like iron and is a powerful antioxidant to support postpartum health. Childbirth can cause major physical stress in the body, which mothers continue recovering from in the fourth trimester. These Omega-3 fatty acids have a high DHA: EPA ratio to combat physical stress in the body by supporting the immune system. Getting enough DHA is essential to support postpartum women’s cognition for stable mood and to support healthy development in breastfed babies. An ancient, breastfeeding-friendly adaptogen that supports the body’s stress response to counter the natural rise in stress hormones that occurs in the postpartum period. Shatavari is naturally energizing and balancing to support female reproductive health.


All Nutrofol products are made with potent natural ingredients in clinically tested formulas. Natural supplements are known as Nutraceuticals. They’re made with clinically effective, medical-grade plant extracts in standardized dosages for consistency, potency, and superior performance. It is how they achieve hair growth results with whole-body health without drugs.

+Ft Synergen Complex, Patented hair growth powerhouse. A blend of concentrated plant ingredients in unique ratios suited to the biological differences in men and women throughout life.

Clinical Trials: We don’t recommend taking the system for less than 3 Months.

Be consistent.

Results after 6 months:





GOING THE EXTRA MILE>>WE SUGGEST pairing these daily supplements with in-clinic monthly visits for Scalp PRP to combine therapies and boost results. You can also schedule an appt to come in for just PRP blood draw and we inject it into custom hair serum you take home and use every day!!! It smells like lemons and it works like liquid magic, really!

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